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Trading calendar

Keep up to date with all the events taking place in the global market. The CTmatador economic calendar includes events that affect the financial market.

The real-time economic calendar

The economic calendar includes charts of dates or events that may affect the movement of individual prices of securities or markets in general. Events that are listed in the economic calendar include forecasts of future financial or economic events, reports of recent financial events.

The economic calendar helps traders anticipate economic events and plan their deals in accordance with the business plan. This is important because each event leads to changes in the value of various instruments.

What is an economic event?

Every event that happened in the financial world affects the economy. Economic events reflected in the financial statements should be related to the financial condition of the company and objectively measured in monetary terms.

Events that are more specific to the company, such as the signing of a new labor agreement, the hiring of a new CEO, the sale of equipment, or simply the paying monthly salary are very important for traders. Each of these events can affect the financial resources of a particular company.

The importance of the economic calendar

If you want to become an advanced trader, then the economic calendar is one of your best friends. You do not need to spend a lot of time there; however, this time is significant if you want to become a stably profitable day trader.

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