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Terms and conditions

This document has been created for the purpose of recommendations. All transactions that are concluded with the client are an independent decision of the client to trade with CTmatador.

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The client has the right to familiarize himself with this agreement to understand his obligations and rights. This agreement covers all risks disclosure conditions and the Privacy Statement will contain the terms of the Customer’s relationship with CTmatador. By becoming acquainted with Terms and Conditions, the client agrees that he is solely responsible for making all decisions regarding transactions made for the client account.

All necessary information on the directions of trade must be comprehended by the client himself. CTmatador can offer additional essential materials for beginners and professional traders. All bets and built strategies made by the trader are his responsibility.


  1. The main means of communication with customers are considered electronic through the website, communicating with a support group, and communicating by telephone.
  2. All information on placed and executed orders is addressed personally to the customer through the account of a specific client.
  3. All information regarding the client’s interaction with the company is available on the CTmatador website. The site provides information about the general market, recommendations to the Client on conducting trade.
  4. In the course of our work with you, you can place orders with us through our online trading platform in languages that are available on our website.
  5. All written messages from us to you will be in the language used to register your account through our website.

Authorization to trade

CTmatador has the right to enter into Forex, CFD, Options, and OTC Spread Betting contracts, either orally or in writing.

After registering an account, the client receives a secure password that will be used with the Customer’s chosen username. All passwords must be kept secret since only the client is responsible for their safety. The customer is also responsible for any instructions received electronically, i.e. is identified with the password and account number of the Client and for any electronic, oral, and written.

CTmatador is not responsible for further investigation of such obvious powers and is not responsible for the consequences of any action taken or omitted.

Conflict of interest

CTmatador maintains and implements effective organizational and administrative controls to manage, disclose, and record conflict of interest.

If there is insufficient evidence to manage conflicts of interest or risks of harm, CTmatador will try to clearly disclose to the client the general nature and sources of conflict of interest before doing business on behalf of the client.

Fees and charges

All additional costs incurred in connection with the provision of CTmatador services are indicated in the Trading Conditions and fees. It should be noted that each part of the company’s revenues is associated with the spread of each transaction. All prices are agreed in advance with the Client separately. Spreads can increase and decrease in relation to any instrument, at any time, and on any mitigating factors.

Changes can be based on an individual client basis or for all clients at the same time. In case of a request from the Client for a specific payment structure, the client may pay a fee when opening and closing Forex, CFD, Options and Spread Betting positions.

If the Company increases or introduces any new fees, it will be published on the website at least 7 days before they take effect.

Additional charges may also apply for unexpected bank charges, such as bank transfers for replenishment/withdrawals and returned checks. In some cases, additional fees may include such things as a statement fee, an order cancellation fee, bill transfers, telephone orders, or fees charged by any interbank agency, bank, contract, market, or other regulatory or self-regulatory organization.

In case of account cancellation, any outstanding fees or commissions must be settled first. The investment account is not a bank account, and therefore any outstanding fees on the investment account must be settled using an independent financial source, without the ability of using the funds of the investment account itself, to pay for its own fees. The standard commission for pro-accounts is 19%. Insurance obligations are unique and are announced to investors separately.


Disclaimer of warranties / Limitation of liability

CTmatador is not responsible for any loss or damage caused, directly or indirectly, by any events, actions. or inaction outside the control of CTmatador. These include losses or damages arising directly or indirectly from delays or inaccuracies in the transfer of orders and/or information due to a breakdown or refusal to transfer or communications, or power outage.

CTmatador or any of its subsidiaries, affiliates, or agents shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, penal, incidental, special, or indirect losses arising from the use or inability to use the CTmatador trading platform or services.