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Trade stocks in the most active markets. Follow popular trends and use CFDs on leverage. Grow your business without extra payouts. Use all your profits for reinvestment.

Shares CFDs Trading

The principle of stock trading is built on buying and selling company shares or their derivatives making a profit. Trading stocks does not imply ownership of company direct capital unless the trader decided to invest. When trading stocks, the trader speculates on the underlying movement of stock prices and does not own these shares independently.

The platform allows you to trade CFDs on stocks with immediate execution. CTmatador has all the necessary tools to analyze the market and monitor all positions.

Why trade shares?

Trading CFDs on stocks is simple and beneficial for the clients of CTmatador platform: you can always rely on the leverage provided by the company (a tool that helps increase your purchasing power). The market is working 24/7 so is our support team.

Advantages of CFDs on shares

Stocks provide high returns in the event of a growing economy. With the growth of the economy, corporate incomes are growing. Improvement in salary leads to stimulation of consumer demand that leads to an increase in revenue at the box office of companies. Buying stocks is easy, they can be purchased online. You can purchase shares on the CTmatador platform immediately after creating an account.

CTmatador interacts with the stock markets allowing traders to quickly sell their stocks at any time. This is a huge plus for those who do not want to suffer big losses.

There are two methods to profit from the price movements of Shares:

There are two methods to profit from the price movements or Shares:

Method 1

Leverage-free trading. Monitoring the movement of prices before exceeding the offer for the company's share. When the price increases, you're making a profit.

Method 2

Trading using leverage. CFD allows the trader to take part in the stock market. Thus, traders get more flexibility than in traditional deals.

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