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Privacy policy

CTmatador is a platform for traders. We strive to protect the privacy of each of our traders and ensure the security of any personal information we receive from them. Any change in the policy of our company is published on our website.

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The purpose of this policy

The purpose of this document is to explain in more detail to you what personal information we collect and how it can be used. It should be noted that our subsidiaries have the opportunity to use your information.

How we obtain and store your information

Your personal information is collected through our applications, emails, phone calls, SMS messages, cookies. We keep records of all letters and emails sent to us or by us. All information that is collected refers to strict security procedures for the storage and disclosure of information that you provided to us.

What types of personal information we process

We collect this information to provide the best service:

How we identify you

For transactions, we need to confirm the name and address of our customers and certain third parties. You may need to give a physical form of identity proof when opening your account. If this information can not be provided, we may request personal information from a credit agency to verify your identity. All our steps for your identification are not monitored by lenders to evaluate your ability to get a loan.

How your personal information may be used

In addition to verifying your identity, we may request personal information for: If you have consented to the processing of your information, we may send you marketing materials by mail, email, phone, SMS, or other electronic messaging services.

Information we receive indirectly

There are times when we receive your contact information from brokers and other traders. In such cases, we also collect information about you and your online behavior. Information is collected in order to optimize our website to provide you with a better user experience and to personalize your usage, and our communications with you. We are interested in our clients and try to gather as much information as possible: what do you use and what interests you. This way we can tailor online advertisements and offers personally for you. In this way, you can receive special recommendations about products and services that may interest you, and provide you with relevant advertisements and individualized messages that interest you. We often collect information that you provide to us with information that is publicly available and/or that we receive from third parties, such as advertisers. We also use cookies to collect personal information. They help us manage, personalize, and improve the performance of our site. This way we distinguish you from other users. Please see our cookie policy for more details.

Your privacy rights

This clause describes your rights in relation to your personal information. Exceptions may occur among all of the listed rights, conditions may change the subject. You have the right to receive personal information for free, with the exception of cases where a fee is charged to cover our administrative expenses for providing personal information for unreasonable or excessive/repeated requests, or further copies of the same information. We may also refuse to provide repeated personal information. It can take a long time to process your request. The response to the request can last up to one month from the moment we received your request. The reason behind that is the fact that sometimes it will take longer to process the request, you will be notified about this.

When can you request access?

You have the right to confirm that your personal information is being processed, access yours and other specific information. You have the right to request copies of the paper and electronic records related to you that we store, transfer, or use. To process your stocks, we may need your personal information so we can find the personal information you are requesting. You have the right to receive the correction of the inaccurate personal information from us. You can contact us with a request to make adjustments to the personal information that we store in case it is incorrect. Before making adjustments, we will check it and, if we agree with you, we will correct our records. We will also let you know if we do not agree to change the data. You can tell us in writing that our notes are still incorrect and we will add your statement on the to-do list. You can fill in additional data yourself. After the changes are made, we will notify all third parties to whom we transmitted your personal information that you have made a request for correction.