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Develop your skills to the next level with Forex. Get access to more than 40 currency pairs on an ongoing basis. Trade through current platforms in your browser. allows you to enjoy narrow spreads, quick deposits, and withdrawals.

Trade Forex with us constantly monitors the markets, provides this information to its traders so that they can predict potential price movements, and uses this knowledge in trading on the Forex market.

Forex is considered the most popular financial market in the world. The peculiarity of foreign currency reveals opportunities to those who prefer to speculate on the volatility of currencies. In you can open an account and trade on the Forex market with the largest retail provider CFD1 and use our calculators with charts to track changes in currency prices.

We offer you the latest geopolitical news and macroeconomic data related to these events. All so that our traders receive the most relevant information that will help them protect their business from any financial irregularities.

Trade Forex CFDs with us

Forex Trading CFDs makes it easy to join or exit the market in both growing and falling markets. All the transactions are made on the OTC market, which uses electronic methods of exchange between banks without a physical or central exchange.

Forex CFDs are a form of trading that helps traders think about the price movements of various types of assets, such as currency pairs, stocks, goods, or even cryptocurrencies. Thus, traders do not need to set the underlying asset, they simply trade based on the price movement of the underlying asset.

Forex instruments

Forex market offers about 180 legal currencies and above 1500 cryptocurrencies. Via, you can use as many currency pairs as you need.

To trade Forex, you need to form currency pairs, for instance, USD/EUR. All currency pairs are usually divided into three groups: major, minor, and emerging.

Forex instruments

Exotic currency pairs consist of the main currency paired with the currency of a developing or strong, but smaller economy like EUR/TRY, USD/HKD, JPY/NOK. They are rarely traded, so the cost of trading in pairs may be higher due to a lack of liquidity in these markets.


Major currency pairs include the US dollar and other popular currencies like USD/EUR, KRW/USD, USD/NOK. They are traded on the Forex market and usually have the lowest spread and are more liquid.


Minor pairs do not contain a dollar. Currency exchange takes place through direct exchange rates. The most popular currencies after the dollar are euro, British pound, and yen. You can meet such pairs as EUR/GBP, CHF/JPY, EUR/CHF.

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