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Start trading with CTmatador and enjoy adjustable rewards. Make money on what you prefer better whether it is gold, silver, or coffee.

Commodity CFD Trading

The most popular agricultural products are corn and wheat, energy products such as oil and gas, as well as basic and precious metals, including gold and silver.

How and where are commodities traded?

We cooperate with the London Metal Exchange and the Chicago Mercantile Exchange which specialize in non-precious metals and energy. Check real-time commodity prices below:

Protection from inflation

The most effective method to protect your funds during inflation is investing in gold. It remains stable during economic fluctuations and gains value occasionally.

Crisis resilience

The advantage of gold is that it cannot be significantly devalued. It is stable to the point that no geopolitical changes or fluctuations in currency values can affect it.


Being an extremely steady asset, gold attracts experienced investors and traders. Price hikes that occur in the market from time to time do not affect it dramatically though slight short-term volatility happens every now and then.

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