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Commodity CFD Trading

When a trader hears the term “commodities,” he may think about the futures market, where goods are traded for many decades. However, today such trade has a faster pace. The most popular agricultural products are corn and wheat, energy products such as oil and gas, as well as basic and precious metals, including gold and silver.

How and where do the commodities are traded?

Such products are sold worldwide on various exchanges. Our platform has access to the most popular commodity exchanges. All contracts are based on the price of the underlying asset. This is beneficial for our traders, since they do not need to actually own the asset, but they can be traded when it is needed. We cooperate with London Metal Exchange and the Chicago Mercantile Exchange which specialize in non-precious metals and energy. Check live commodity prices below:

Protection from inflation

The most effective method to protect your funds during inflation is gold. Even during economic fluctuations, it still remains stable and can even grow in value.

Crisis resilience

The advantage of gold is that it cannot be significantly devalued. It is so stable that geopolitical changes or fluctuations in currency values do not affect it.


Gold steadiness causes constant interest in it. Thus, price hikes that occur in the market, in principle, do not affect it. Volatility can happen but in the short term.

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