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Bonus policy

CTmatador may elect to grant a benefit to Clients by depositing bonus amounts in the Client’s trading account, subject to certain terms and conditions as shall be determined by the Company, at its sole discretion. Such bonus amounts may not be withdrawn by the Client, unless the Client complies with the applicable trading requirements as may be amended from time to time or as communicated to the Client.

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The bonus that is provided by CTmatador will be regulated in accordance with the Terms and Conditions. Read carefully the Conditions to ensure your own benefit and protection.

If we suspects that a client has abused or attempted to abuse a Bonus Policy, or otherwise acted with a lack of good faith towards us, the company reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to deny, withhold or withdraw the credit bonus and if necessary cancel any terms and conditions with respect to that client, either temporarily or permanently or terminate/block the clients access to the trading accounts.


The trading bonus helps to increase value with the help of additional funds for trading.

The Bonus itself includes real money that CTmatador credits to your trading account to provide you with the additional leverage and liquidity. Subject to all conditions, the amount will be placed in a separate transaction.

CTmatador provides a Bonus to ensure that customers receive additional payment for efficient work of the trading process. Thus, they can increase their capital with each successful transaction while maintaining their money management strategy.

Bonus is the money that company gives you FOR TRADE ONLY, and which can only be used only for trading. In order for the Bonus to be used only for trading, the industry has adopted the practice of applying the turnover requirement to any bonus. Once all the necessary traderequirements are met, any trading profits can be annulled.

Acceptance of the Bonus and/or trade with it is equivalent to agreeing to the Terms on your behalf. In order to initiate Withdraw after receiving a Bonus, you are required to execute a minimum Trading Volume equal to your total deposit + your total bonus received multiplied by 500. CTmatador reserves the right to cancel the Bonus at any time if the Customer abuses the bonus offer.

Trading Turnover

In order to maintain the effectiveness of the bonus, it is necessary to comply with the Trade Turnover, which will be equal to the coefficient of the Bonus.

  1. The total volume of your transactions must exceed the amount of turnover before any amount in your account becomes available for withdrawal.
  2. As soon as the Bonus is added to the balance of the client’s trading account, the requirement of compulsory trade will be applied to all transactions made since the moment the bonus was added to the balance of the client’s trading account.
  3. During trading, the client’s own funds are used and only then – all the Bonus funds. If the client requests a Withdrawal of funds and at the same time he has not complied with any of the requirements for the volume of trading, the request for withdrawal of funds is canceled. You are responsible for checking the CTmatador website for any changes. If you have questions or problems with access to the Terms and Conditions or Bonus Policy, please contact us at [email protected], [email protected],
    [email protected] or call us: +46842002388, +31203082066, +41225013182 or +442035140074.