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Trade digital currencies and commodities with ease

Empower your business with a progressive trading platform and get constant profit from lucrative Contracts for Difference.

Reach trading success with CTmatador sale tools

Make money on bets, CFDs and Forex Trading in the most relevant global markets, including Indices, Stocks, Forex, and Bitcoins.

Do business wherever you are by using our platform

Otium post negotium! Don't stop doing business or trading because of your departure. The CTmatador platform helps you to always live up to date.

Why us?

CTmatador is a platform that provides wide development opportunities to traders. All our partners have access to the market of cryptocurrencies and CFD contracts. You don't need to get permission to start trading, the company will provide it to you.

The CTmatador platform is a great solution for both experienced traders and beginners. There are many available learning materials on the platform. It helps advanced traders stay up to date with global market news, and newbies understand how the world and local markets work.

We are for honest business, therefore: no hidden fees and commissions, latest economic and marketing news, high privacy and security standards.

Why us?

Trade your favorite instruments from around the world


Trade cryptocurrency on the CFD or through the exchange

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Speculate on the most popular commodities such as gold, silver, or oil

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Trade on profitability indices representing the performance of the global market economy

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Start investing in the world's largest companies or find a partner that will invest in your project

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Trade between currencies on the world’s most traded market

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Stay on the top of all tradable and negotiable debt obligations issued by a country's government

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Educational materials

CTmatador service provides multiple trading lessons represented in videos, e-books, signals, and charts. The company provides explanatory animation on video and visual content in all books which were created by leading traders and marketers. It is presented in an easy-to-understand way. Everything is supplemented with real cases.

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What is CFD?

The contract for difference helps traders profit from price movements without owning the underlying asset...

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Where to trade CFD?

CFDs allow investors to trade in the markets in which they want, there are no restrictions...

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How to trade CFD?

To start trading on CFD, you should: - Decide which market you want to trade...

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